Cutting chairs

Browse through our exclusive collection of cutting chairs with refined designs, ultimate comfort levels and absolute top quality. You can choose between around one hundred models with different designs, materials and colours to give your salon a unique and professional look. Or choose one of our magnificent collectors’ items to make a statement about your salon.

Styling units

Our styling units are carefully designed and with their discreet look they will fit perfectly into your salon. You can deal with your clients in a professional manner while being free to concentrate on your task and talent.

Washing units

With our washing units you can pamper your clients for a moment of perfect relaxation. Not only is the careful design an expression of luxury and exclusivity, the washing units also shine in terms of durable comfort.

Reception Desks

You make your first impression at reception. Imposing and visible, but also warm and welcoming, that’s how every entrance should be. Our two models, one in leather and one with a lighting element, are the perfect option.


Tired of removing hair from your wheels? With RollerCoasterTM it’s over! The first stool maintenance free guaranteed. Gravitate silently around your client: an extreme feeling of gliding!


They make your job easier in so many ways, every day.

Tinting table

Resistant, practical and chic; right there whenever you need it, where you need it!


Our occasional furniture doesn’t seek attention, but its efficient and innovative design means that it is right there when you need it.


Comfort for your client in 100% stainless steel and innovative designs.