Sibel Furniture is a brand that has been created having in mind the hairdressers and their needs. We have taken special attention to 3 factors when developing this collection. We focused on offering exceptional quality, high customer convenience and great design.

Give to your salon an individual style that reflects your own taste. By combining our seven cutting chair models with the right base, the colour of your choice taken from 4 basic and 22 extra leather shades, you can create something unique. In addition to that, we have seven collector cutting chairs, a total statement of principles.

Our range also includes stools and trolleys equipped with the innovative RollerCoaster™ hair-proof wheel system, washing units that optimize the comfort of the client and the stylist, styling units with LED option, reception desks, footrests and more. All you need to give to your hair salon the look you were searching for.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we have creating it!